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Revolutionizing design with generative AI—Maket empowers everyone to automate residential floorplans, 3D renders, and explore limitless styles

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Early-Stage Planning made simple
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Design Freedom
Unleash your creative potential with a suite of tools that facilitate automated floorplan generation, style exploration, and customization of design elements
Informed Decisions
Make confident and educated design choices with the help of a virtual assistant that provides expert guidance on materials, costs, and design possibilities
Regulatory Confidence
Navigate the complexities of zoning codes and regulations with ease, ensuring your projects comply with all necessary requirements and avoid potential delays

Generate concepts in minutes, not months

Stop spending months on schematic designs. Input the constraints through parameters or
natural language (coming soon) and generate hundreds of residential floorplan variations, instantly.
Specify room dimension & adjacency constraints
Generate residential floorplans instantly
Export designs to .DXF

Ask, Learn and Design with Confidence

Get expert guidance at your fingertips. Ask questions about materials, costs, and design options— receive informed responses to make confident design decisions.

Explore different design styles

Instantly visualize different styles with a single text prompt
Transition between design styles effortlessly
Customize elements to create your ideal aesthetic
Preview design changes instantly for informed decisions

Zoning codes, made easy

Effortlessly navigate zoning codes with our Regulatory Assistant. Upload PDFs, ask questions in plain language, and get instant answers for compliant designs

Why Maket?

Most AEC platforms work against you, not for you. Shift to a platform that actually does what it claims.
Features included :
Instantly generate custom residential floorplans
Explore diverse design styles effortlessly
Ask and receive informed design guidance
Simplify zoning code navigation
Obtain instant regulatory compliance answers
Streamline design with an all-in-one platform
Enhance creativity with AI-powered tools
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Features not included :
Manual input for floorplan creation
Limited style exploration options
Lack of expert design assistance
Manual zoning code research
No instant regulatory query responses
Fragmented tools for design tasks
Limited AI integration for creativity

Works with all your favourite tools

Frequently asked questions

What is Maket's Plan Generator, and how does it work?
Plan Generator uses AI to instantly create customized residential floorplans based on your design requirements—optimizing creativity and efficiency.
Can Maket's platform help me explore different interior and exterior design styles?
Yes! Use text prompts with Virtual Designer to visualize and experiment with diverse design styles, aligning with client preferences.
How can I use Maket to get information about materials, costs, and design options?
Ask Maket's Virtual Assistant about materials, costs, and design choices for expert guidance and valuable insights, all in real-time.
What is Maket's Regulatory Assistant, and how can it help me navigate zoning codes?
Regulatory Assistant simplifies zoning research—upload PDFs, ask plain language questions, and receive instant answers for code compliance.
Can Maket help me with both the design and regulatory aspects of my architectural project?
Absolutely! Maket's all-in-one platform integrates design automation, knowledge assistance, and regulatory compliance for a seamless design journey.

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Informed Decisions
Regulatory Confidence
Enhance your workflow
Unlimited Designs
Real-Time Collaboration
Enhance your workflow
Unlimited Designs
Real-Time Collaboration
Enhance your workflow
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