AI Floorplan Recognizer: Upload an Existing Plan & Get Right to Editing

We are thrilled to introduce the AI-Powered Floorplan Recognizer. This tool is designed to streamline the initial stages of your design projects, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy by transforming traditional floorplans into editable digital formats with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Overview of AI-Powered Floorplan Recognition

Key Features and Capabilities

Seamless Upload and Conversion

  • BETA: The recognizer is in BETA, meaning it can produce errors. There is possibility of having to complete the plan after uploading.
  • Supported Formats: JPEG and PNG
  • Quick Processing: Our AI analyzes and converts floorplans in under a minute, depending on the complexity and detail of the input image
  • Structural Elements: Automatically recognizes and outlines walls, doors, and windows.

Editable Outputs

Once converted, the digital floorplan is fully editable. Users can:

  • Modify walls and structural elements
  • Add or remove doors and windows
  • Adjust dimensions and orientation
  • Place furniture and fixtures

How to Use the AI Floorplan Recognizer

Getting Started

Login to Your Account: Access our platform and navigate to the AI Floorplan Recognizer tool.

Upload Your Floorplan: Upload your floorplan file by selecting the file from your device.

Conversion Process: The AI will automatically process the image and convert it into a digital model.

Edit and Customize: Make adjustments and customize the layout to suit your project’s requirements.

Tips for Best Results

  • Use high-resolution images for better accuracy.
  • Ensure the floorplan is not cluttered; clear images yield better conversions.
  • Review and adjust the automatically generated elements to ensure they meet your specific needs.


The AI-Powered Floorplan Recognizer is more than just a tool—it's your next step towards more efficient, accurate, and innovative design work. Embrace the power of AI and let technology take your projects to the next level. Get started today and experience a smarter way to design.


Patrick Murphy
Co-Founder & CEO @ Maket

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