Announcing Three New Features to Elevate Your Design Experience

We're excited to release three new features that are set to transform the way you interact with Maket. These new capabilities will make designing and visualizing spaces easier, faster, and more realistic than ever before. Get ready to meet the future of design with our floorplan recognizer, enhanced editing capabilities, and the ability to switch seamlessly from 2D to 3D views. Here’s everything you need to know about these additions:

AI-Powered Floorplan Recognition

Simplifying Initial Design Stages

Imagine being able to upload an existing floorplan and having it instantly and accurately recognized by our AI-driven system. No more manual tracing or starting from scratch. Just upload your plan, and our platform does the rest, setting up a perfect digital model for you to work from.

Benefits to your workflows

  • Efficiency: Drastically reduces the time needed to begin a design project.
  • Accuracy: Minimizes human error in the transcription of floorplans into digital models.
  • Convenience: Makes it easier to convert traditional floorplans into dynamic, editable projects.

NOTE: The Recognizer is in BETA and can produce errors.

Advanced Editing and Real-Time Visualization

Full Control and Customization

Our platform now offers full editing capabilities that allow you to modify every aspect of your design. Change wall thickness, move doors and windows, and adjust room sizes easily with intuitive controls and real-time updates.

Rich Library of Materials and Furnishings

Choose from a wide array of material finishes and furniture options, sourced directly from real-world retailers. Apply different textures, colors, and styles to see how they look in real-time, enhancing the realism of the design process.

Dynamic Visualization

With our enhanced editing tools, you can:

  • Drag and Drop Furnishings: Populate your space with furniture from top brands without leaving the workspace.
  • Material Experimentation: Quickly swap different floorings, wall textures, or furniture items to compare aesthetics.

Instant 2D to 3D Conversion

Effortless Transitions

With just a click, convert your flat 2D floorplans into fully interactive 3D models. This feature allows you to navigate through the space, explore layouts, and make adjustments from any perspective. It's like walking through the actual room!

Engage and Experience Before Building

  • Real-time 3D Visualization: Toggle between 2D and 3D views seamlessly to get a comprehensive understanding of the spatial dynamics.
  • Virtual Walk-throughs: Conduct virtual tours to assess design choices and functionality.
  • Interactive Features: Interact with elements within the 3D model to simulate real-life usage.


These three new features are designed to empower you, the designer, with the tools to create more accurate, vivid, and interactive designs than ever before. From the initial upload of a floorplan to the final stages of furnishing and visualization, our platform supports you every step of the way. Experience the future of design—a smarter, faster, and more effective way to bring your creative visions to life.


Patrick Murphy
Co-Founder & CEO @ Maket

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