Maket’s Interior Designer: Transforming Your Space

Maket's interior designer feature offers an exciting opportunity to envision your room transformed into a different style. With a simple process of uploading an image, providing a prompt, and generating results, you can witness the magic of design unfold. In this blog, we explore the functionality of Maket's interior designer feature and guide you through the steps to achieve your desired room style.

Step 1: Upload Your Picture and Write a Prompt

To begin, click "Choose files" and upload a picture of your room. Ensure that the file size is within the 1MB limit, or resize it if needed. Alongside the image, write a short prompt describing the style you envision for your room. You can be as specific or descriptive as you like, allowing the transformation to match your preferences accurately.

Step 2: Press Generate and Explore the Possibilities

Once you have uploaded the picture and provided a prompt, press the generate button. Maket's interior designer feature will work its magic and present you with a potential transformation based on your description. If the result doesn't match your expectations, feel free to press generate again or modify the prompt to add more specific details.

Find Inspiration in Different Styles

To spark your creativity, we have curated a list of popular design styles for inspiration. Whether you are drawn to a modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian, or farmhouse aesthetic, Maket's interior designer feature can help you visualize your room in various styles. Feel free to explore different options until you find the perfect match for your vision.

  • Modern
  • Minimalistic
  • Scandinavian
  • Bohemian
  • Industrial
  • Traditional
  • Mid-century Modern
  • Coastal
  • Contemporary
  • Farmhouse
  • Eclectic
  • Art-deco
  • Rustic
  • Mediterranean
  • Retro
  • Transitional


Maket's interior designer feature empowers you to reimagine your space and explore different styles effortlessly. By uploading a picture, providing a prompt, and generating results, you can see your room transformed into a style that reflects your taste and preferences. With the option to generate multiple designs and the flexibility to modify prompts, you have the freedom to create a truly personalized space. Embrace the creative possibilities with Maket's interior designer feature and bring your design dreams to life.

Patrick Murphy
Co-Founder & CEO @ Maket

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