Maket’s Visualizer: Unleash Your Creativity

Maket's visualizer feature is a user-friendly tool that offers an abundance of interior and exterior home design ideas with just a text prompt. In this blog, we will go into the simplicity of using Maket's visualizer and how it can inspire endless creative possibilities for your home. Additionally, we share a tip on generating prompt ideas using the virtual assistant, enabling you to explore various design concepts effortlessly.

Generating Prompt Ideas with the Virtual Assistant

To kickstart your creative journey, we recommend using the virtual assistant to generate a list of prompt ideas. You can ask something like:

"I need you to build me a list of prompt to generate tons of home exteriors. The prompt should be one sentence and should include things like materials, colours, textures and lighting. please give me a list of 10”

You can also do the same thing for an interior home design, by just changing the wording.

You have the option to create your own prompts without relying on the virtual assistant. It's not necessary to provide overly detailed prompts to generate good results. For example, a prompt like "Modern kitchen with black cabinets" can still yield great outcomes. However, if you provide more specific details, the generated results will align better with your desired outcome.

The visualizer feature also works for commercial renderings as well, not just residential.

Visualizer Showcase

To give you a glimpse of the incredible potential, we have included images below of interior and exterior designs you can achieve with Maket's visualizer and the prompts to go along with it.

A rustic farmhouse style interior featuring reclaimed wood finishes, exposed brick walls, and vintage accents.
A bohemian chic style interior featuring bold patterns, mixed textiles, and natural wood elements.
Coastal-inspired stucco home exterior with generous glass panels and inviting light fixtures.
Minimalist concrete and steel home exterior with expansive glass panels and warm, ambient light.
Exterior of a hospital building features a modern design with glass windows and a prominent entrance.
Airport lounge interior provides a serene and comfortable space, charging stations,  modern decor, and large windows with panoramic views of the runway.


Maket's visualizer feature empowers you to explore a world of creative interior and exterior home design ideas with ease. By utilizing the virtual assistant to generate prompt ideas and employing the visualizer to bring them to life, you can discover endless design possibilities. Unleash your creativity, reimagine your space, and transform your home into a true reflection of your unique style. Embrace the simplicity and inspiration offered by Maket's visualizer feature today.

Patrick Murphy
Co-Founder & CEO @ Maket

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